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                                            "Ms. Craps" to You. 
                               New Jersey Grandma Sets World Record

© 2009  -by Marsha Hunt Flanders 


On May 23, 2009, Patricia Demauro, a grandma from New Jersey beat trillion-to-one odds by throwing a 4 hour, 18 minute lucky streak at the Borgata in Atlantic City.  With only a $100. buy–in, Patricia rolled 154 times before crapping out.  The hotel broke out the champagne after her stupendous feat.

Demauro eclipsed the former record of an Hawaiian man named Fujitake back in 1989.  It is unknown how much money she made during the roll, but you can well imagine the side bettors had a field day.

An interesting aside about "Mr. Golden Arm" (Fujitake) is the club that sprang up after his famous roll.  Every year club members meet and and celebrate the "Master's" famous roll and to
introduce new members to "The Golden Arm Club."  Do you suppose that there are special requirements to gain entry in the club?  Do you have to do a one-hour roll yourself?  Do you have to be able to cite Craps odds and pass some kind of special Craps test?  I suspect entry requirements are lax. 

Unfortunately, Mr. Fujitake has now passed on to the Great Craps Table In The Sky, but Patricia is doing interviews on a ongoing basis.   

Patricia, we who throw the dice salute you!


Copyright © 2009  -by Marsha Hunt Flanders 
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