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      Dazzling Three Card Poker Run

               by Mark French,  Copyright © 2006


There are days you have good cards.  And there are days you have great cards.  One day at The Mirage in Las Vegas, I had what can only be described as “dazzling cards.”

Our vacation in Vegas had just begun.  It was March, 2003, and my wife, Diane, was still unpacking up in the room.  Now, I know better than to rush into things, but I wanted to test the gambling waters downstairs in that sumptuous casino.  Most gamblers (including me) don’t expect to have a fantastic run right out of the gate.  They usually think in terms of conservative “money management”, where you try to stretch your bankroll over many successive days.  Large bets and fast earnings are for later.

But that’s not what happened at the Three Card Poker table.  I started off with a twenty dollar bet on the “Ante” spot, and a ten dollar bet on “Pair Plus,” figuring that I could lose the top bet and still break even if I beat the dealer.  Wham!  I got a flush, so I obviously played the hand with another twenty dollars on the “Play” spot.  Luckily, the dealer managed to come up with King something.  Total won: $80.00.

“Nice start.” I said to myself.  I dearly hope this trip doesn’t help MGM-Mirage build another casino.  “Let’s see what happens now.” I mused.  I placed the exact same bet on the table, and the dealer gave me the same wonderful hand.  Only this time the flush was in spades.  Cha-Ching!  Another $80.00.

You would have thought I won the Irish Sweepstakes by the smile on my face.  I even tipped the dealer ten bucks as I recounted my little bonanza.  And since I was alone at the table, the dealer was almost immediately ready again.  I decided to double my bet, with twenty dollars on the Pair Plus bet and forty dollars on the Ante spot.  “Dare we ask again?” I said to the dealer.

Wham!  Another glorious flush came flowing through, again in spades.  The dealer had a pair of Aces, so qualifying wasn’t a problem.  The total won for this hand was $160. while the grand total was now $320. 

A gambler never knows when a winning streak comes to an end, so I long ago developed a method to tell me when to quit.  It’s called “Lose a hand… then leave.”   I figure this simple little method has saved me lots of money over the years, so I employed it here at The Mirage.  I pushed things for another five winners, upping the bet several times.  And before I lost a hand, I received a set of three Queens.  Cha-Ching!  Cha-Ching!  Cha-Ching!

This dazzling run in Three Card Poker made me over $2,800. while my wife was still unpacking.