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                           Straight Up: 3 Times In a Row in Roulette
2006  -by Mack E. Green, roulette player and former Roulette Croupier 

 In Roulette, it's easy to make a few bucks betting even money.
But as a player begins to seek higher rewards, it becomes much more difficult.  Inside odds of 2-to-1, 8-to-1, 17-to-1 and finally 35-to-1 wear out and grind down even the biggest bankrolls.  Roulette, it is fair to say, "ain't the easiest game in the casino." 
     I was playing during what must have been The Beau Rivage graveyard shift.  Even for a weekday night it seemed particularly quiet.  No big action at the Craps tables.  No high rollers working at the Blackjack tables either.  But that was certainly not true for the Roulette table.  That's where I was; playing Roulette.
     A gorgeous brunette walked over and dropped a twenty dollar bill in front of the croupier.  She seemed to be a bit nervous, but that's not unusual for first-time gamblers.  The croupier, working alone, made her change in four casino five-dollar chips, per her instructions.  She then put three of the four chips into her purse, and placed the remaining chip straight up on number thirty-six.  It was a long-odds bet (35 to 1) and probably her last before she returned to whatever city the next morning.
     But as luck would have it's way... She hit it.  Unfazed, the croup scraped off the remaining bets, mine included, and went over to his house five-dollar chips.  Pausing, he turned to her and asked "Want that colored-up, ma'am?"  "Yes, please." was the answer.  The croupier sensed she wasn't going to play out $175. in red, so he paid her one black ($100.) and 3 green ($25.per chip). 
     Our brunette heroine wasn't done just yet.  She let the red $5.00 chip ride on number 36 again.  And again she hit for $175.00.  Generally speaking, to hit a number straight up, the odds are about 38 to 1 against you.  To hit a number straight up twice in a row, the odds are over 1,400 to 1.  But here she was, collecting another big win off a puny red chip.  Not only was she winning big, she was staying cool as a cucumber.  No screaming.  No whirling around.  She just stood there waiting for the croup to complete her payout.
     And what did I do?  Did I "shadow" her play, and make myself a big wad of money?  Nope.  Not me.  Stubborn 'till the end.  She was incredibly lucky, but I chose not to share in the wealth.  I played half a dozen inside numbers in the "First 12" and made absolutely zippo for my efforts.  Funny how that works.  People simply want to play their own game, regardless the outcome.  Me included.
     In what can only be described as a surreal turn of events, the buxom brunette left her same five-dollar chip on the same lucky number 36 for the third straight time.  The croupier and I must have thought the same thing... "Not again, lady.  No way."  I bet accordingly, several numbers away from number 36, and quietly waited for the spin.
     Now, a croupier has seen many lucky things in his job.  And hitting a number straight-up is no big deal.  But it definitely got his attention when the ball stopped dancing around, and hit number 36 for the third straight time.  "Very nice." he said to the brunette, and got a friendly grin in return.  He paid off the same way.  The brunette placed the chips into her purse again, this time picking up her winning five-dollar chip, too, and left for the cashiers cage. 
     Total number of bets: 3.
     Total won $525.00. 
     Total tip to the croup: $0.00.
     The amount of money I made shadowing her bet(s): $0.00.

     The odds of hitting three numbers in a row:  54,872 to 1.

Copyright 2006  -by Mack E. Green, roulette player and former Roulette Croupier 

 Mack wrote this story for TrueCasinoStories.com