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All or Nothing: Real Life Roulette Story

by Jan Balslev.  Copyright 2006 

Ashley Revell, 32,  had sold everything he had, including his clothes.  He placed all the money on Red at the roulette wheel in the Plaza Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada.  Revell became world famous when he sold his house, his car and even his clothes to make a single bet on a roulette table. The British Sky-One broadcasted live from the casino in Las Vegas - when Revell placed his $135,300.00 bet on Red.  His Mom and Dad and some friends were there to support him - even though his parents did not approve of the idea.

The wheel was spun, and seconds later the ball came to a rest on Red 7.  Revell walked away with $270,600.00 in his pocket.  He gave $600. of it to the croupier before he left the casino.

'It all happened so fast." Revell said.  "It was over before I knew it."

'"It's really down to my family and friends, and my Mum and Dad" he told the television.  "I knew if I lost I would always have a home to go to."

He's a winner in casino gambling.His father was still against it, even though he won.  As he explained "I got four kids and they are all going to want to go the same way."

When asked if he wanted to try his luck again, Revell said  "No, that's it for me.  I think he (the broadcast host) would like me to do it again, but no.  That's it." He gestured to the casino host. "I don't want to ride my luck." 

The chances of winning at a European roulette wheel are 48.6% - because there are 18 red numbers and 18 black numbers and a single green zero. The American roulette wheel has two green numbers - and thereby a 47.3% chance of winning a bet on a color.

The bet was filmed by Sky One, and they are also going to follow Revell around for one month.  The program is called Double or Nothing.

Revell's mother is now begging him to settle down, but Revell is determined to enter the World Series of Poker next year, as he has decided to become a professional poker player.

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