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"Please don't tell my wife" says Huge Slot Winner

by Jake Earl
Copyright 2006   

"Please don't tell my wife and don't publish my name." said a very lucky L.A. man in March, 2003.  He was talking to casino officials at The Excalibur Hotel and Casino, where he had just won 39.7 million dollars on a Megabucks slot machine.  This huge winner only had to invest a mere $100. to hit his payday.  For the next 25 years, Mr. "X" will receive a staggering 1.5 million per year.  (At twenty five years old, he can pretty much do anything he wants!)
     Our shy winner came in to see the NCAA Basketball Tournament, and hit it big.  Officials said he was concerned that his wife, back home, would hear about him "gambling."  Heck, my wife doesn't approve of me gambling either, but just this once, I think she might forgive. 
     I have no problem with a person keeping his identity a secret, especially when it comes to new found riches.  Some of the more famous people who won giant lotteries, etc., have regretted the publicity, since every Tom, Dick, and Harry comes out of the woodwork to as for "loans."  Many of the smarter "Get Rich Quick" folks have even consulted with accountants prior to receiving their checks, which makes perfectly good sense.  But that leaves us to consider the obvious: 

One can only guess as to the conversation he must have eventually had with his wife...The Excalibur is a fantastic place to creat great casino stories.

     "Honey...  I have something I have to tell you."

      You know how I promised I wouldn't gamble in Vegas last week?
      Well... I did.                                                                                                         http://www.excalibur.com/
      No.  No, I'm sorry, hun.
      No, I don't think I have a gambling problem.
      No, I'm not proud of myself.
      No, I mean yes, I won't do it again.  I won't need to.
      But, honey... I won some money.
      How much?  Well...
      Sit down...
      Really, babe.  You need to sit down.

      39.7 million dollars."


 by Jake Earl 2006.  Jake is a writer for www.TrueCasinoStories.com